CUSTOM pro-series jerseys

Custom Pro-Series Jersey back. Number 22

Custom Jerseys Designed for all sports

– If you can dream it, we can create it…
– Made in America and designed specifically for you.
– Top quality designs with no art fees.
– Fastest turnaround times in the industry
– Pro performance moisture wicking fabric
– Hands on service with no shipping fees
– Vibrant high-definition colors
– Available youth and adult sizes
– Short sleeve / Long sleeve / Sleeveless

What are the Fox Valley Athletics 'Pro-Series' FULLY SUBLIMATED Jerseys?

“Full Sublimation” is a fabric printing process in which our high-resolution colors are injected deep into the fabric before the jersey is assembled. This process allows for incredibly detailed designs that can utilize every inch of the material. During the Full Sublimation process, our high-definition ink colors actually becomes one with the fibers, so your design does not sit on top of the garment as with screen printing. This also means that your design stretches naturally along with the garment, it won’t crack or fade over time, and the garment is able to maintain its full moisture-wicking properties, unlike screen printed jerseys.

To simplify things, our very high-quality, moisture-wicking jerseys start as a blank canvas that we design specifically for you. With our ‘Pro-Series’ jerseys you can use up to 1,729 high-definition colors, numerous fonts, text sizes, gradients, logos, and any graphics you can think of. If you can dream it, our design team can create it. Because our jerseys are printed, then assembled after the colors are transferred to the fabric, the possibilities are endless.

Why choose Fox Valley Athletics for your jersey needs?

All of our jerseys are made here in the Midwestern United States. Why is this important? 

* Materials We use the finest fabrics and stitching in the industry. You want proof? Fox Valley Athletics is giving you a one-year warranty on all jerseys. If the craftsmanship isn’t up to your standards, we will replace it free of charge. You play hard, let our ‘Pro-Series’ jerseys work hard for you.

* Made in America Because our jerseys are made here in the U.S., they fit true to size. Many overseas manufacturers ship their jerseys undersized in order to save on material costs. Imagine ordering your jerseys, waiting up to two months for them to arrive, and having them show up too small to wear? That won’t happen with the Fox Valley Athletics ‘Pro-Series’ jerseys. Trust us, the ‘fat man, little coat’ experience isn’t enjoyable.

* Quick Turnaround Times Once you approve the artwork, we will have your jerseys as soon as five days. That is correct, only five days! Our delivery times are quicker than a jackrabbit on a first date. 

* Printers We use the some of the highest quality printers in the world. In order to cut costs, many other companies use lessor quality inks when printing, creating a dull and stale look. Our high-definition printers allow for up to 1,729 high-definition colors to be printed. Why so many color options? Why not?

* Hands on Service I will be handling all jersey orders personally to guarantee you have an enjoyable purchasing experience. Service with a smile. 🙂

* Our Artists We have access to artists from all over the world. If one of our design team members isn’t able to create something you like, no worries, we will send the project to another lead designer. We will get it right, or fire the entire staff. Just kidding. – But yes, we will make sure you are getting exactly what you expect.

* Fees This sounds very expensive, right? Well it’s not. Your teams are very important to the success of our leagues and I have a tremendous amount of appreciation for your support. Eight years ago I started running softball / kickball leagues with one goal in mind, to provide you with a more enjoyable playing experience. The Fox Valley Apparel line of products was recently started with one goal in mind, to provide you with a more enjoyable product experience. 

 Please contact me, Eric Schaefer, with questions about potential team orders. I will do all that I can to help you out.

Thank you for your continuing support

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